• To be among the top hundred institutes of the country in the next 5 years and be an Autonomous institute.
  • To be astudent centric institute, where academics is followed with utmost passion and sincerity.
  • To attain a faculty to student ratio of1:15 and 1:12 within 2 years respectively.
  • To be a campus where every faculty possessesPh.D degree, within 5 years.
  • To establish Incubation researchcenter.


Student admission (Input quality) will be addressed through:
• Integrated Campus
• An improved communications network

All round development of students through:
• Student activities master plan
• Emphasis on extra-curricular programs for students.
• Centralized student services
• Improved academic advising system

Post-graduation needs (placement/higher study) of students through development of:
• Career services center (Placement and Career development)
• Improved alumni services


• Increase Bachelor’s Degree programs.
• Introduce Master’s programs.
• Continue the development of degree programs using the continuous quality improvement process.
• Recruit and retain qualified faculty
• Develop immersion programs appropriate for market.
• Emphasize on Research activities.

Collaboration and Partnership

• Enrich student learning through short term training and dual certification programs through educational Institutes /    industries inside the country and beyond.
• Develop and implement executive training and continuing education opportunities to meet the community demands    throughout the region.
• Develop and implement a industry-interaction plan.
• Seek additional grants from National and International agencies.
• Seek ways to partner with higher educational Institutions on educational programs and information technology.

Campus Environment

• SVPEC will develop on its facilities and Building Master Plan.
• SVPEC will develop an Information Service Master Plan
• SVPEC will develop a cultural and community outreach Master Plan.

Communication to students, teachers, staff and other stake holders

Mission and Vision of the College are communicated to all its stakeholders through its website, brochures and activities that translate the above into various practices adopted all around the Institution.