1 Dr. C. Ghanshyam DIRECTOR 9815363532
2 Dr.Nihar Ranjan Panda CO-DIRECTOR 7330813738
3 T Ramesh Babu CO-ORDINATOR 9849639247
4 M.C. ANIL MEMBER 9247491023
5 R. SURYA KIRAN MEMBER 9985149372
7 A. SURAJ KUMAR MEMBER 9866041929


Realising Potential towards a New Sanketika Vidya Parishad

Aim :

      • To motivate and reinforce the young students through scientific and technical R& D that maximises the economic, environmental and societal benefits.
      • To carry out research in niche areas of science and technology and emphasize innovative techniques for societal applications.
      • The purpose is to share knowledge, pool resources, and work together.

R & D Policy :

      • Technology for Human Development
      • Pool of PhD and M.Tech Faculty for future Technology
      • Motivating and inspiring students with non obvious ideas and encouraging them to think out of the box
      • A model for technical outcome
      • Re-engineering the organisational structure
      • Mobilising and optimising resources
      • Development of human resources
      • creating infrastructure
      • inculcating corporate culture
      • Network and MoUs with other colleges/ Universities
      • Creating awareness and conducting training programmes for IPR issues
      • Involving professional consultants for establishing systems/ procedures
      • Underlining the slogan-people are our capital
      • evolving long term HRM plan
      • Professional training for R &D support groups
      • Attracting, nurturing and training the talent.
      • Modernisation of instruments/facilities/ labs

Knowledge has become the driving force of economic growth , social development .of the country. We are in the process of transition from a labour based economy to knowledge based economy.

1 8/12/16 Introduction to data center computing Mr.A.Suraj Kumar
2 15/12/16 Can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuel Mr.G.Vasu
3 22/12/16 The effects of contemporary teaching methods Mr.P.Madhu Chandra
4 29/12/16 How do dirty business tactics work Mr.B.Srinivas rao
5 5/1/17 Building secure system on & for social network Mr.K.Srikanth
6 12/1/17 How math changed the world Mr.M.Jaganadha rao
7 2/2/17 The creation of particular learning methods for blind people Mr.A.Vishnu
8 c9/2/17 Can business be started without money Mrs.Deepika
9 23/2/17 Mobile phones based continuous sensing systems Mr.M.Anil
10 2/3/17 Why is the ‘X’ unknown Mr.Ch.Venu
11 9/3/17 How will modern technology change the way of teaching in the future Mr.T.Ravi Babu
12 16/3/17 Entrepreneurship & family business Mr.B.Srinivasa rao
13 15/6/17 Computation with real numbers Mrs.Sudha
14 22/6/17 How to reduce global warming Mr.G.Jaya Kumar
15 29/6/17 Are math formulas even used in real life Mrs.M.Madhuri
16 6/7/17 How to build a successful startup Mrs.Deepika
17 13/7/17 The role of technology in lesson planning Mr.V.Balaji
18 20/7/17 How to stop wasting paper & save trees Mr.B.Sudheer Kumar
19 27/7/17 The influence of algorithms Mr.Ch.Venu
20 3/8/17 The role of international business & sustainable development Mr.Jagan
21 10/8/17 Is nuclear power safe for humans Mr.P.Murari
22 24/8/17 What are the most effective strategies for promoting a small business Mr.B.Srinivasa Rao
23 31/8/17 Internet traffic measurement & statistical analysis Mr.Ch.Venkateswara rao
24 c7/9/17 How to manage child violence Mr.A.Vishnu
25 14/9/17 Are social network good for our society Mrs.M.Kasu
26 21/9/17 Cloud computing Mr.R.S.Ravindra Babu
27 28/9/17 Geometric computing theory for integer points Mr.P.Vamsi Kiran
28 5/10/17 How is light being used to treat cancer & other diseases Mrs.M.Shobha
29 12/10/17 Are newspapers going to be replaced by online sources of information Mr. V.Samuel Susan
30 26/10/17 Modular checking of c program with banded model checker Mr.A.Suraj Kumar
31 2/11/17 R&D in the foundation of the 3D internet Mr.M.Anil
32 9/11/17 How depression impacts the immune system Mr.A.Vishnu
33 16/11/17 Bi directional model transformation for software development rao
34 23/11/17 Privacy in e-health Mr.B.Krishna
35 30/11/17 What is the future of computing & artificial intelligence Mr.M.Anil
36 7/12/17 Large scale topology network simulation Mr.V.Kamaraju
37 14/12/17 Should women be allowed to compete against men Mrs.M.Kasu
38 21/12/17 How tv shows impose take moral standards Mr.P.Madhu Chandra
39 28/12/17 Can nano medicine potentially extend the human lifespan Mr.A.Suraj Kumar
40 4/1/18 Fundamental techniques & systems for power engineering Mr.P.Murari
41 18/1/18 M Lambda-calculus & type theory r.Ch.Venu
42 25/1/18 Graph theory & discrete mathematics Mr.Jaganadha rao
43 1/2/18 Logical implementation of multi-agent system Mrs.Chaitanya Mayee
44 8/2/18 Automated reasoning & machine learning Mr.B.Krishna
45 15/2/18 Integration of Robot simulation Mr.G.vasu
46 22/2/18 Intelligent tele-operation system for network Mr.M.Anil
47 1/3/18 Behavior limitation on a humanoid robot Mr.A.Suraj Kumar
48 8/3/18 Adaptive learning mechanism based an biological algorithm Mr.G.vasu
49 15/3/18 Informatics research for chemistry Mrs.Sudha